BrightData Review 2024– How good is it?

BrightData, formerly Luminati Networks, offers a range of proxy services including Web Unlocker, SERP API, scraping browser, and a centralized proxy manager. While it provides comprehensive tools, it’s more expensive than many competitors and setup isn’t as streamlined.

In summary, Bright Data’s offerings are robust but come at a higher cost with some setup complexity. Depending on your specific needs and budget, it may or may not be the best choice.

What is in BrightData review?

Bright Data offers a top-notch web scraping proxy service with extensive customization options. They cover practically every use case and provide an excellent selection of mobile proxies. While their centralized dashboard is comprehensive, it might be overwhelming for new users. However, this level of sophistication comes with added complexity and a higher price tag compared to other solutions. Overall, if you need detailed control over your web scraping operations, Bright Data is highly recommended.

Pros & Cons

Excellent web scraping solutionBright Data is more complex to set up and configure than many competitors
Massive number of IPs availableMore expensive than others
Mobile proxies are supported
Highly customizable service
Comprehensive web scraping toolset
Great support


The prices for proxies are as follows:


BrightData Review

With BrightData’s residential proxies, you can make it seem like you’re browsing from a specific place. You’re not limited to just countries or cities; you can even pinpoint your location by zip code. This lets you collect web data as if you were actually there, keeping your real IP address hidden.

These proxies are great for things like getting around location restrictions, scraping data from websites, checking prices and doing market research, managing social media, verifying ads, keeping an eye on SEO, and testing security.


BrightData Review

Datacenter proxies work like VPNs but without encryption. They use IP addresses assigned to servers, masking your original IP and making it seem like you’re somewhere else.

The big perks of data center proxies are their speed and affordability. These IP addresses stay the same as long as you need.

They’re great for tasks like competitive analysis, protecting your brand online, safeguarding digital assets, scanning public databases, and accessing sites without advanced blocking (though not ideal for web scraping).


BrightData Pricing

Bright Data’s ISP Proxies use residential IPs obtained from Internet Service Providers for commercial purposes. While these IPs aren’t assigned to residential users, they’re still recognized as residential IPs. The advantage of ISP proxies is their faster bandwidth and speeds.

These proxies are ideal for tasks like extracting web data, marketing on social media platforms, AdTech purposes, website testing, travel-related activities, and SEO tasks.


BrightData Pricing

Mobile proxies route your internet traffic through a mobile network, using IP addresses from cellphone carriers. This makes it seem like you’re browsing from a smartphone or tablet.

They’re great for tasks like verifying mobile ads (even on desktops), checking mobile app user experiences, testing app quality, and tracking billing campaigns and app promotions.

Now, let’s dive into Bright Data’s tools.

Bright Data offers a handy Pay-as-You-Go plan, which can be useful to try the service out or if you’re unsure how much bandwidth you need.

The same pricing structure goes for access to its tools. There are four available.

Web Scraper IDE Pricing

Certainly, here’s the pricing information presented in a table format:

Pricing PlanStandard Domains (CPM)Premium Domains (CPM)Compute Time (Hourly)Description
PAY AS YOU GO$4$8$0.1No commitment, start now
GROWTH$3.06$6.12$0.09$499/month, start free trial, pay annually recommended
BUSINESS$2.7$5.4$0.085$999/month, start free trial, pay annually
ENTERPRISEContact usContact usContact usDedicated solution architect, premium SLA, priority support, custom price per CPM

Scraping Browser

Here’s the pricing for Scraping Browser presented in a table format:

Price/GB$9.5 (-40% discount)$10 (limited offer)$499$999
Compute Time+$0.1/h
DescriptionUse without monthly commitmentBest rates for small needsBest for scaling teamsUse without monthly commitment
StartStart nowStart free trialStart free trialStart free trial
Over $10$5.7/GB +$0.1/h
Pay annually$7.3/GB +$0.09/h$6.4/GB +$0.085/h


Here’s the SERP API pricing presented in a table format:

Bright Data Review

Web Unlocker

Here’s the Web Unlocker pricing presented in a table format:

Price/CPM$3 (-40% discount)$10 (limited offer)$499$999
Premium Features$6/CPM$3.6/CPM$4.59/CPM$4.05/CPM
DescriptionUse without monthly commitmentBest rates for small needsBest for scaling teamsUse without monthly commitment
StartStart nowStart free trialStart free trialStart free trial
Over $10$1.8/CPM
Pay annually$2.3/CPM$2.03/CPM

Bright Data offers a Pay-as-You-Go plan where you only pay for what you use. The larger the plan, the lower the cost per GB or CPM (cost per mile).

Alternatively, you can opt for data sets instead of web scraping. They offer two plans: Data Sets and Bright Insights. Bright Insights provides pre-analyzed data via an easy-to-use dashboard, while Data Sets require you to analyze the data yourself.

Key Features Of BrightData

  1. Comprehensive Proxy Network: Bright Data offers a vast network of proxies including residential, ISP, datacenter, and mobile proxies.
  2. Precise Geo-Targeting: Users can select specific locations down to zip codes when using residential proxies, allowing for precise geo-targeting.
  3. Enhanced Speed and Bandwidth: ISP proxies provide faster speeds and enhanced bandwidth compared to residential proxies.
  4. Static IP Addresses: Datacenter proxies offer static IP addresses that remain unchanged, ideal for various tasks.
  5. Fast and Affordable: Datacenter proxies are known for their fast speeds and cost-effectiveness.
  6. Mobile Network Connection: Mobile proxies route internet traffic through mobile networks, enabling users to appear as genuine mobile users from anywhere in the world.
  7. Wide Range of Use Cases: Bright Data’s proxies are optimized for various tasks including web data extraction, social media marketing, ad verification, SEO monitoring, and more.
  8. User-Friendly Dashboard: Bright Data provides an intuitive dashboard for easy management of proxies and monitoring of usage.
  9. High-Level Security: Bright Data ensures security and privacy for users by masking their original IP addresses and providing encryption for data transmission.
  10. Dedicated Support: Users receive dedicated support from Bright Data’s team to assist with any queries or issues they may encounter.

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